Collaborative marketing and co-branding: examples to follow

Published at Olivarama olive oil review. Number 27. The development of a complete and effective marketing strategy that raises the value of the extra virgins requires a lot of hard work. A more affordable alternative is based on optimising resources by collaborating with leading firms in their respective fields and with similar brand values by setting joint campaigns in motion. In this article, we will explain a real case undertaken by MarketingHuman.

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Number 27 Olivarama Olive Oil Review

There is no question that brands in general are suffering the effects of the crisis and that the growth of the own brand is stealing more and more market share.The few extra virgin olive oils with a well developed image disappear from the advertising supports, the shop shelves and, finally, the consumer’s cupboards. This applies to the companies that actually work with a brand strategy, because there are others who haven’t even developed such a concept and, as a result, are doomed to single destiny: to disappear from the shopping list and, therefore, from homes. (Those firms that revolve around bulk olive oil exports that focus their strategy on large volumes and price deserve mention apart)


Recently, at a course on neuromarketing applied to the agri-food sector, I asked one of the participants, an olive oil producer and seller: Why should I buy your oil and not the bottle next to it when I go to a store? He couldn’t tell me. If a company manager finds a question like this hard to answer, then the consumer is highly unlikely to have clear arguments and/ or advantages to make them make the purchase.

In the face of the current market situation, there are two possibilities. The first is to stay in the“fridge” (as a potential client who never actually became one, once said to me) and do absolutely nothing while waiting for the storm to abate or finish sinking us, which is the most likely outcome.

The second is to adopt a pro-active attitude and carry out promotions that contribute more
value with less resources. One way of doing this is by applying collaborative marketing and
co-branding, integrated into a global brand strategy that contemplates multiple channels.

One fundamental aspect when determining collaborative action between a number of companies are the brand synergies in their messages and values. For instance, recently I encountered a possible case of collaboration between a long-standing agrifood brand positioned as “traditional” which uses “national and quality raw materials” with a cobranding action to launch a new product with an American snacks company that uses artificial aromas, flavour enhancers/ glutamate, etc. Obviously, I would not recommend associations of this type and I hope never to see the result of this association in stores.

Another important aspect is the sum total of all the parts, which is why the collaborations must be between benchmarks in their sector with strengths, like for instance who best produces, best sells, best works events, has most experience in POS actions, who is a leader in a specific region, etc.


Puleva, Cárnicas Serrano and the PDO Aceite de la Comunitat Valenciana

By designing a correct strategy and finding the right partners with similar brand values, it is possible to organise collaborative marketing actions in which all the parts add up and make it possible to generate a big impact with a small investment.


Below, we would like to share a real case managed by MarketingHuman together with collaborative companies with this same strategic view of summing up all the parts between

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The Childrens’ Olympics. Puleva, Cárnicas Serrano and the PDO Aceite de la Comunitat Valenciana

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The Childrens’ Olympics


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